What we do

Eurythmy UK is a registered charity (288188) and company (1759303).

The purpose of our charity is:

  • To train students in the art of Eurythmy
  • To benefit the public by promoting the art and science of Eurythmy in all its aspects.

Eurythmy UK has two campuses, Eurythmy West Midlands Campus located in Stourbridge and Peredur Eurythmy Campus based in Sussex. The campuses have their own distinct flavours, but offer essentially the same training course/s and activities.

The Peredur Eurythmy Campus also runs collaborative projects, where the students collaborate with school aged children from the Michael Hall Steiner Waldorf School, resulting in joint performances.

The Eurythmy West Midlands Campus is closely associated with the Glasshouse Arts Centre in Stourbridge, where it is based.

Mission Statement

“To provide an inclusive professional education to energise and encourage the performance and learning of Eurythmy in all its forms.”

History of Eurythmy UK

The foundations for Eurythmy UK were laid in 2022, when two separate charities came together in their wish to secure the future of Eurythmy and the ongoing training of Eurythmists in the UK.

The charities concerned were: Peredur Eurythmy Ltd from Sussex and the West Midlands Eurythmy Association from Stourbridge. Out of the work of these two charities, Eurythmy UK came into being in May 2023. Eurythmy UK is closely supported by Ruskin Mill Trust, Ruskin Mill Land Trust and the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain.

Our Trustees

Eurythmy UK has a board of seven Trustees. They are:

Aonghus Gordon OBE – Founder and Chief Executive of Ruskin Mill Trust (RMT)
Ursula Werner
Adrian Locher – Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain
Birgit Voge
Mark Garman
Daniel Brookbank
Oliver Cheney

Company Secretary
Antonia Whitbread

Yvette Dellsperger

Yvette Dellsperger is the administrator for Eurythmy UK and can be contacted at Eurythmy UK’s main office. She deals with general inquiries, student and general administration as well as student and general finances. She also liaises with relevant organisations.

Yvette is based at the Peredur Eurythmy Campus. She is available to students from both campuses via email and telephone as well as video calls. In person contact is also planned.

Yvette has managed Anthroposophical colleges for the last 30 years in Switzerland and England. After taking a business degree and a pottery apprenticeship, she also trained as a Waldorf teacher and as a biographical counsellor.

Contact us

Email: info@eurythmyuk.org

Telephone: 0330 055 2842

Eurythmy UK,
Peredur Centre,
West Hoathly Road,
East Grinstead RH19 4NF