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Preparing for the Trinity College London Exam

Trinity College London (TLC) offer Performance Arts graded exams, which are designed for candidates who want to explore a variety of performance arts.

Trinity College London do not prescribe the content of the performance tasks in the exams, which allows teachers and candidates to choose material they have a particular interest in or that complement their studies and/or teaching.

Having completed the Foundation Programme, students who study at the Peredur Eurythmy Campus on a visa, will take the Grade 8 exam, leading to the TCL Level 3 Certificate in Graded Examination in Performance Arts (Solo) (Grade 8). Qualification number 501/2069/4

Candidates take this exam as solo performers and on passing receive a certificate. In the UK, Trinity’s Grade 8 Performance Arts solo qualifications are eligible for UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) points for those applying to colleges and universities. A PASS earns 24 points, MERIT 27 points and DISTINCTION 30 points.


Students are prepared for the exam by the tutors of Eurythmy UK as well as specialist tutors. The exam has 3 parts and last for 25 minutes.

Task 1: Performance (maximum time: 10 minutes)

Create and sustain an imaginative, continuous performance sequence that demonstrates three performance skills showing technical accomplishment and some persuasive choices of interpretation.

Character, mood, theme or narrative should be clear in the performance.

One section of the performance (a maximum of 4 minutes) may be performed with another performer.

Task 2: Contributory Skill (maximum time: 9 minutes)

Create and give talks about TWO contributory skills that show a thorough understanding and that demonstrate their value in performance.

The contributory performance skills should be related to the performance in task 1.

Where appropriate, another person can be used for demonstration purposes, eg to model a costume or make-up application.

Task 3: Reflection (maximum time: 6 minutes)

The candidate demonstrates their knowledge and understanding of the performance material, skills and processes through a prepared reflection.

Reflect on the material and skills used in the performances

For details see the Trinity College website